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The next stage is to arrange a first fitting appointment with a skilled seamstress. We can provide a list of specialist technicians in this locality. One such independant seamstress works directly here at Poppy.

To give you an idea regarding the fittings process here are a number of considerations: -

 In most cases an appointment should take approximately thirty minutes. Your bridal shoes and lingerie are an essential component for these fitting stages. Any re-styling or additions (e.g. extra crystals, netting, changes to original lines etc) will also be discussed here.

A second fitting appointment will usually be scheduled thereafter where your gown will be in a 'tacked' position to ensure a perfect fit before it is finished. A more complex adjustment may require a third visit.

If your gown has a lace-up corset, we would recommend where possible that your 'dresser' on the day accompany you to one of these appointments in order to learn the rudiments of the dress fastening and positioning.

The average time span from a first fitting through to a gown collection is approximately eight to twelve weeks. In individual circumstances, there can be some flexibility.

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What Our Customers Say
"Selecting a wedding dress is one of the most difficult and emotional experiences a bride has to go through. I am so happy that I was privileged enough to be able to shop at Poppy Bridal. Not only were they incredibly supportive and helpful but they absolutely went out of their way to help me organise both my Wedding dress and 4 bridesmaids dresses with alterations when none of us live in the north of England! Superb selection, superb staff, and above all flawless customer service. Hope they will be there long enough to bring my daughter in 30 years!"
Sophia Innocenti (nee Shepodd)